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What are the Benefits of Acupuncture?

By March 22, 2018August 15th, 2018Acupuncture

feely-center-acupunctureYou may or may not have heard of a practice known as acupuncture. Developed by the Chinese thousands of years ago, it involves placing needles in a person’s skin in order to physically target specific pressure points on the body.

Perhaps you are familiar with acupuncture, but are skeptical as to whether or not it actually works? The reality is acupuncture provide a number of significant health benefits. These benefits range from the mental, to the physical, to the emotional, and everything in between.

Here are some of the benefits of acupuncture.


Soothes Headaches

Do you suffer from chronic migraine headaches? If so, you can benefit from acupuncture treatment.

By applying thin needles in the upper portions of your back, physicians are able to stimulate pressure points which connect to your spine and brain stem. This produces a more consistent flow of blood, reducing soreness and pain.

It should be noted, though, results are only seen when needles are properly applied. Inaccurately applying needles will yield no results.


Relieves Arthritis

In addition to calming the effects of headaches, acupuncture has also been seen to relieve the effects of arthritis. It accomplishes this in essentially the same way that it accomplishes headache relief.

By targeting pressure points, physicians are able to remove stress from the body. This stress transfers from the arms and back to the fingers, knees, and other arthritic limbs.

Again, these effects can only be accomplished when the acupunctural procedure is carried out properly.


Curbs Chronic Pain

Perhaps you feel a deep pain in your knees every time you stand up? Maybe you’ve got chronic back pain that never seems to subside? Maybe your neck is perpetually stiff and aching? In any case, you can benefit from acupuncture.

When needles are pressed into your body, they soothe your nerves, releasing chemicals which reduce pain and heighten your mood. Studies have shown that participating in acupuncture is a legitimate way to relieve pain.


Allows for Better Sleep

Insomnia can be a truly debilitating condition which leaves you feeling constantly irritable, groggy, and exhausted. Those who suffer from insomnia often also suffer from depression and anxiety.

There are a number of sleep aids available on the market today, but did you know that acupuncture is also a remedy?

Taking part in acupuncture on a regular basis can help to release melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone which aids in the sleep process, regulating your sleep cycles.


Combats Cognitive Disorders

There is some evidence to suggest that acupuncture treatment relieves the symptoms of cognitive disorders such as Parkinson’s Syndrome. It is believed to do this because it generates responses in the brain.

Parkinson’s patients who participated in acupuncture treatment stated that they not only experienced fewer tremors, but less pain as well. In addition to these effects, they also reported faster response times.


Eases Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression can cripple a person’s social and work life. Racing thoughts, a feeling of hopelessness, and a general unease can make it nearly impossible to live life at its apex.

You’re probably aware of the numerous anti-anxiety and antidepressant pills on the market, but did you know that acupuncture can help to treat anxiety and depression as well?

When done correctly, acupuncture can release serotonin into the brain. This chemical is thought to be important for mood stabilization and other important functions.


Looking to Reap the Benefits of Acupuncture in Chicago?

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We’ve been serving Chicago and its surrounding area since 1981, offering only the best treatment in both osteopathic and traditional medicine. Our physicians are well-versed in the acupuncture process, and can deliver the results you’re looking for.

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