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Should You Utilize Osteopathic Medicine in Olympia Fields, Illinois?

By June 10, 2018August 15th, 2018Osteopathic Medicine

osteopathic-medicine-olympia-fieldsYou may or may not be familiar with osteopathic medicine. This is a form of medicine which focuses on all parts of a person being interconnected. Osteopathic physicians focus on the physical, as well as the emotional and psychological in order to help treat their patients.

There are a number of different benefits associated with osteopathic medicine. Wondering if you can benefit from osteopathic medicine or an osteopathic physician in Olympia Fields, Illinois? Read on to find out!

What Does Osteopathic Medicine Involve?

Osteopathic medicine is a form of medicine which involves focusing on the patient’s entire range of health. This range involves the physical, the psychological, the emotional, and the spiritual, with all of these different facets being interconnected. While osteopathic doctors can prescribe medications, they rely more on the human body’s ability to regulate and heal itself.

What Can Osteopathic Medicine Be Used to Treat?

Osteopathic medicine can be used to treat ailments of all kinds. However, it has seen marked success when used to treat some specific ailments. Those ailments are as follows.

Muscle and Joint Soreness

Do you deal with chronic soreness in your muscles and joints? If so, you can most certainly benefit from osteopathic medicine.

In most cases, a practice known as osteopathic manipulation will be used to relieve pain in the affected areas. This is a hands-on practice which involves applying pressure and movement to joints, bones, and muscles. Not only does it loosen up the muscles and joints, it releases vital body chemicals as well.


Headaches are produced by a combination of physical, psychological, and emotional factors. Treating just the physical factors may provide temporary relief, but it may not provide results in the long-run.

An osteopathic physician will be able to truly get to the root causes of your headaches. He or she will be able to assess environmental factors to understand what exactly is causing the pain in your head. From there, he or she will be able to provide assistance in the ways of osteopathic manipulation, acupuncture, and much more.

Mental Health Issues

Whether you suffer from depression, anxiety, or otherwise, an osteopathic physician can help you in a number of different ways.

While osteopathic physicians understand the need for medication, they don’t solely rely on medication as a means of treating mental illness. Instead, they will treat a patient by gaining a full understanding of that patient’s circumstances (financial, social, romantic, etc.).

Osteopathic physicians understand that, when it comes to mental illness, environmental factors can play as much of a part as brain chemistry.

Common Osteopathic Procedures

Within the realm of osteopathic medicine, some select procedures are used in order to treat patients. Perhaps the two most common procedures are osteopathic manipulation and acupuncture.

Osteopathic manipulation is a hands-on procedure in which the physician manipulates and applies pressure to the patient’s muscle and joints. This procedure carries both physical and psychological benefits.

Acupuncture is a process in which needles are placed into the patient’s body. These needles are used to hit pressure points, releasing vital brain chemicals which can aid in a range of different medical issues.

Undergoing these procedures is not a requirement of osteopathic treatment. However, they are always available to you if you should desire them.

Benefit from Osteopathic Medicine in Olympia Fields

Interested in reaping the benefits of osteopathic medicine in Olympia fields? Looking for an osteopathic physician in the area? If so, we here at Feely Center for Optimal Health are the people to see.

We’ve been serving the Chicago area since 1981, and our staff has treated a bevy of satisfied patients over the years. We look forward to treating you.

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