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What are the Benefits of Osteopathic Manipulation?

By June 26, 2018August 15th, 2018Osteopathic Manipulation

benefits-osteopathic-manipulationOsteopathic manipulation is a technique by which the manipulator uses his or her hands to adjust muscles and joints within a patient. This technique is used to treat not only muscle and joint issues, but physical, emotional, and psychological illnesses as well.

Perhaps you are interested in undergoing osteopathic manipulation treatments? Maybe you’re wondering exactly how it can help you? If so, read on. The following are just a few of the benefits of osteopathic manipulation.

Reduce Muscle and Joint Soreness

The baseline benefit of osteopathic manipulation is reduced soreness of the muscles and joints. By manipulating different muscles and joints, the physician will not only loosen up those muscles and joints, but will hit important trigger points within the body.

When vital trigger points are manipulated, specific chemicals are released into the body which promote feelings of relief and elation. Therefore, osteopathic manipulation works not only as a physical practice, but as a psychological one as well.

Improve Sleep

Have trouble getting to sleep at night? Often times, those who suffer from insomnia suffer because their bodies are not creating the correct chemicals.

Melatonin is a chemical in the body which is vital in getting human beings to fall asleep. By undergoing osteopathic manipulation, melatonin as well as a variety of other important chemicals will be released into your body, potentially helping you address your insomnia.

Improves Coordination 

Perhaps you injured yourself while playing basketball? Maybe you got into a nasty car accident? Whatever the case may be, your motor skills are not quite at the level that they once were.

Fortunately, you can benefit from osteopathic manipulation. By providing pain relief to injured areas, and by releasing vital chemicals into the body, osteopathic manipulation helps to improve overall range of motion and coordination.

Aid Digestion

Do you suffer from chronic indigestion? Feel bloated and constipated on a regular basis? If so, you might find some relief in osteopathic manipulation.

This procedure can be used to trigger specific points in the digestive system, allowing for muscles to relax and, and allowing the natural process to happen.

Staves Off Headaches

If you suffer from chronic headaches, you likely live in a world of misery. You probably do everything you can just trying to get some relief. While a number of methods can be used to stave off these headaches, one of the most effective methods is, of course, osteopathic manipulation.

Osteopathic manipulation not only serves to stretch and relieve the muscles in the head, neck, and back, it also serves to release important chemicals in the body. These chemicals can act almost as a pain reliever, greatly reducing the level of physical agony that comes with a headache.

Improves Mental Health

Perhaps you suffer from depression? Maybe you’re chronically anxious? Maybe you find that your thoughts are always racing? If so, you might very well be able to benefit from osteopathic manipulation.

Osteopathic manipulation has been known to help treat a variety of different mental health issues. Not only does the physical relaxation caused by the procedure help to ease a patient’s mind, the body chemicals which are released during the procedure help as well.

Serotonin, a chemical thought to regulate mood, is produced during the osteopathic manipulation process. The release of this one chemical can be a huge victory for those who suffer from mental health issues.

Looking to Undergo Osteopathic Manipulation in Chicago?

Looking to undergo osteopathic manipulation in Chicago? In need of an osteopathic physician? If so, we here at Feely Center for Optimal Health have you covered.

Our team of physicians is well-versed in the osteopathic manipulation process, having treated all of the health issues reviewed above. We look forward to helping you improve your health.

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