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Benefits of Detoxing Your Body


Over time, as it’s exposed to the cumbersome environment that surrounds it, the human body becomes filled with toxins. Unfortunately, these toxins have substantial negative effects on the body. While the body tries its best to force them out on its own through the liver, it often has a difficult time keeping up.

For this reason, it’s sometimes helpful for us to undergo a detox, a process wherein one forces the toxins out of his or her body through concerted efforts. Curious as to how a detox in Chicago could benefit you? Read on to find out!

How to Detox

In the past, many individuals would attempt to detox by engaging in fasts. However, more recent findings suggest that fasting is actually counterproductive in the detox process. Why is this? Because the body needs energy in order to detox, and fasting depletes the body of energy.

These days, most osteopathic physicians suggest a form of detox that includes an elimination diet. By carefully planning such a diet and sticking to it, past patients have seen terrific detox results.

An elimination diet is a diet in which sugar, alcohol, dairy products, red meat, caffeine, and a variety of other foods and beverages are kept to a minimum. To ensure that the detoxer is receiving proper nutrition during this diet, he or she will typically take supplements on a daily basis.

Over time, this method of detox will cause the level of toxins in the body to reduce drastically. As a result, the body will benefit in several ways, several of which will be discussed below.

The Benefits of a Detox

There are a number of advantages to a detox. As long as you stick to your detox plan for a sufficient length of time, you should start to see the following benefits.

Increased Energy Levels

The primary benefit of a detox is an increase in energy levels. Because a detox flushes negative toxins out of the body, it allows all of the body’s energy to be used for positive purposes. After detoxing, you’ll feel more alert, feel less exhausted, and be ready to take on the world.

Lose Weight

Because a detox causes an increase in the body’s energy levels, it also causes a jump in the body’s metabolism. As such, a detoxed body will burn more calories than a body that has not been detoxed. In other words, a detox can help the body to lose weight.

Strengthens Immune System

When there is an excess of toxins in the body, the body’s immune system has a difficult time overpowering all the toxins. Because of this, it can’t properly fight off sickness-causing bacteria.

However, by undergoing a detox, you can flush toxins from the body, allowing the immune system to fight harmful bacteria at full strength. In short, a detox will strengthen your immune system and help you avoid getting sick.

Replenished Skin

Another benefit of a detox is replenished skin. Because a detox includes the elimination of free radicals, it supplies your skin with a much healthier environment.

As a result, your skin will develop collagen and elastin with much greater ease. This, in turn, will result in smoother, shinier, and more purified skin.

Need an Osteopathic Physician in Chicago to Help with Your Detox?

Are you interested in undergoing a detox? Need help with your detox in the Chicago area? If so, the Chicago Osteopathic Physicians at the Feely Center for Optimal Health can help.

Our Chicago Osteopathic Physicians are well-versed in the detoxification process, offering a number of programs for our patients. By taking part in one of our programs, you will potentially see increases in energy, a loss in weight, and reductions in your stress levels.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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