International Bibliography
on Auricular Directory

International Bibliography
on Auricular Directory

International bibliography compiled by Dr. Andre Lentz and Dr. Terry Oleson. For further information go to

1.0 General Acupuncture and Auriculotherapy

2.0 Clinical Research Areas

3.0 Addiction and Substance Abuse

4.0 Pain Disorders

5.0 Neurological and Sensory Disorders

6.0 Psychological Disorders

7.0 Visceral Disorders

8.0 Endocrine Hormones and Immune Disorders

9.0 Behavioral and Physiological Research

  • 9.1 Veterinary Acupuncture and Animal Studies
  • 9.2 Experimental Pain Threshold and Induced Physical Symptoms
  • 9.3 Endorphin Release, Enkephalins, Dynorphins, Naloxone Reversal, Angiotensin, Substance P
  • 9.4 Body Physiology, Biochemistry, Neuroanatomical Studies, Neuron Firing Activity
  • 9.5 EEG, Evoked Potentials, MRI Scans, PET Scans, SPECT Scans
  • 9.6 Acupoint Physiology, Electrodermal Skin Resistance, Tenderness, Trigger Points

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