Headache Solutions

Headache Solutions

Effective treatment of migraine, cluster and other tough headaches at Feely Center for Optimal Health.

If you suffer with migraines or other chronic headaches, you’ve probably seen a variety of doctors and clinics with little to no relief. You may have had some testing done, but have you had a full workup to find the true cause of your headaches? Have you been offered comprehensive treatment options, including proven-effective alternatives to medication? At Feely Center for Optimal Health, we can help you.

Our physicians, Richard Feely, D.O. and Dr. Ajay Sharma, D.O., diagnose and treat all types of headaches, from intensely painful migraines and cluster headaches that disrupt your life to the nagging headaches associated with muscle tension.

As a board-certified Doctor of Osteopathy, Dr. Feely uses traditional medical tests and medication when necessary. They also offer unique, customized treatments to resolve or better manage your headaches, including:

  • Osteopathic manipulation – Hands-on procedures used to identify and correct structural dysfunction throughout the body. A recognized subspecialty of Osteopathic manipulative medicine called Cranial Osteopathy can be particularly effective for headaches. Dr. Feely has extensive postdoctoral training in this subspecialty.
  • Medical acupuncture – This therapy releases the body’s natural painkillers. The physicians provide all acupuncture in our practice, including scalp and ear acupuncture for the treatment of headaches.
  • Nutrition counseling – Food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies and certain eating habits can contribute to headaches, especially migraines. Our board-certified clinical nutritionist will work with you to identify and correct the dietary factors related to your headaches. Combined with the additional treatments that are right for you, nutritional counseling can help relieve your headaches and enhance your overall health.

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