Feed Memory

ginkgo leaf concentrate (yin guo ye); ganoderma fungus concentrate (ling zhi cao); schisandra fruit concentrate (wu wei zi); white kirin ginseng root (bai ji lin ren shen); dry fried jujube seed (suan zao ren chao); biota seed (bai zi ren); polygala root (yuan zhi); albizzia bark (he huan pi); albizzia flower (he huan hua); ligusticum wallichii root (chuan xiong); curcuma tuber (yu jin); curcuma rhizome (jiang huang); myrrh (mao yao); salvia root (dan shen); acorus rhizome (shi chang pu) ;benzoin (an xi xiang); natural borneol (mei pian)

Therapeutic Functions
This formula nourishes and invigorates the brain by tonifying Qi and Blood, strengthening the Kidney and Heart, encouraging circulation, removing stagnation, relaxing the nerves, sharpening the senses, and restoring mental alertness.

Diminished sensory acuity, Loss of mental clarity and alertness, Short term memory loss; decreased capacity for sustained attention and concentration, Fatigue or headache from prolonged mental effort, Decreased intellectual capacity due to chronic fatigue or sleep deprivation. Feeling of dullness, fuzziness or heaviness in the head, Melancholy, anxiety, restlessness, boredom, distractibility, Dementia, Hangover, Tinnitus, Dizziness or feeling of disequilibrium. Tremors and loss of coordination.

Concussion Unconsciousness  Suspected or progressing stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA), Pregnancy