Unlocking The Gate

saw palmetto fruit concentrate (serrenoa repens); dioscorea root (shan yao); dioscorea hypoglauca rhizome (bei xie); pyrrosia herb (shi wei); cornus fruit (shan zhu yu); achyranthes root (huai niu xi); poria fungus (fu ling); alisma rhizome (ze xie); plantain seed (che qian zi); amber (hu po); lygodium spores (hai jin sha); dandelion herb/root (pu gong ying); smilax rhizome (tu fu ling); gardenia bud (zhi zi); phellodendron bark (huang bai)

Therapeutic Functions
This formula maintains the functions that govern and are governed by the urogenital system: namely, to facilitate the flow and discharge of fluids, to encourage the circulation of Qi and Blood, to eliminate Heat and Dampness, to reinforce Qi, and to conserve the body’s Vital Essence.

Inflammation, swelling or enlargement of the prostate gland associated with slow, difficult, painful, or frequent urination (day or night) � Urethritis, cystitis, epididymitis � Cloudy, blood-streaked or pub-streaked urine � Painful ejaculation or pain following ejeculation � Pain in low back, perineum or testicles following sex