8 Week Program

8 Week Program

8 Week Program to a New You

Caren Baltasi, CCN, LDN

In this 8 week body blasting program you will learn how to obtain and maintain optimal health and an ideal body composition. Led by Clinical Nutritionist Caren Baltasi, CCN, LDN.

We have Special Rates in January and February 2011. For more information call 312-266-8565.

We specialize in helping you with:
• Weight Loss
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome/GI issues
• Hormonal Imbalances
• Fatigue
• Migraine Headaches
• Fibromyalgia
• Arthritis
• Joint and Muscle Pain
• Eczema/Hives

Our customized programs are created to empower you to make the necessary lifestyle changes for a healthier and happier life.

These plans are realistic and easy to follow, supplemented by key health components like physical fitness and supplementation. The nutrition plans help you build a comfortable, honest and enjoyable relationship with healthy living.

The Program

Individual Nutrition Consultation

This provides you with a personalized nutrition plan built around your lifestyle so you have a lifelong self-management tools that work.

Body Composition Testing Before and After

This determines body fat and lean muscle ration to determine baselines and monitor progress.


In the 8 Week Program we use GMP Certified Physician Grade Supplements. GMP Certification guarantees quality.

The 8 Week Program is a medically supervised program. An initial visit requires a basic physical with Dr. Sharma for new patients.

Get Started Today! You’re 8 weeks away from a new you.

Our 8 Week Program includes:
• 3 body composition analysis
• Eating Guidelines
• Detailed Meal Plans, Food Lists and Recipes
• Making the right choices when eating out
• Exercise Guidance
• Nutrition Education
• Achievement Journal
• Understanding the Glycemic Index
• Foods to Enjoy and Foods to Avoid
• Customized Supplementation
• 3 Nutritional Visits and 2 Follow-Up Calls
• Free Multivitamin During Program

Tired of Being Tired?

Let us get to the bottom of what is not in balance and work on restoring your body to optimal health. Learn how to change your behaviors to finally reach your goals. Eat right for your metabolism.

Weight Loss Program

We offer a coordinated multi-week program which includes an Individual Nutrition Assessment, Body Composition Testing, Personalized Menu Plans, a Fitness Plan, and Tracking of Your Progress.

We have special rates. Call our office at 312-266-8565

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