Your WEIGHT is Over!

Your WEIGHT is Over!

Richard A. Feely, D.O. FAAO, FCA, FAAMA

The resolution never changes. You’re ready to shed. Now it’s time to ACT! And there is absolutely no better way to get the weight off than the Cura Romana Longevity Diet. Cura Romana is the time-tested breakthrough approach to fast, permanent weight loss.

Whether it’s 10, 20 or even 100 pounds you need to lose, the Cura Romana program is for you.

The Cura Romana Longevity Diet strictly follows the protocols developed by A.T.W. Simeon, MD in the mid-70’s and features a well-balanced, very low-calorie diet and the use of hCG. With most other weight loss programs, there is a loss of muscle mass and structural fat. Not so on the Cura. The aim of this doctor supervised diet is to lose the fat while barely disturbing the body’s own protein stores. Our office has personally supervised hundred’s of rounds of the protocol with spectacular success.

In 6 short weeks, patients report:

1. Reduced body fat
2. Reduced cellulite
3. Reduced hunger and cravings
4. Normalized blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar
5. Better sense of well-being

This personalized diet provides permanent weight loss and increased longevity. We have two programs to choose from – either hCG injections or Releana® sublingual hCG.

Whether you are tired of counting calories or points, sick of dieting only to regain the lost weight, want REAL food, not powders and bars, or need to lower cholesterol, blood sugar or blood pressure, the Cura Romana is for you.

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Doctor supervised…magnificently effective…Cura Romana

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