Dear Feely Center Patient,

My professor of herbal medicine, Tsun-Nin Lee, M. D. of San Francisco, has sent me his preliminary analysis of the Coronavirus I found important for us to know. Here is my edited Layman’s version of his analysis:

“Gene sequencing has shown that the Wuhan coronavirus is rather similar to the SARS virus, but these two viral epidemics maybe distinctly different, as SARS is a Yang condition which occurred in the spring/summer while the Wuhan viral syndrome is Yin in nature occurring in winter. The coronavirus wreaks havoc on the elderly and the chronically ill, who suffer from Yang deficiency (excess Yin).   The coronavirus prefers to live in a Yin environment as it abhors high temperature and alcohol, because both high temperature and alcohol are Yang. In Guangzhou, where Eastern & Western treatment is used there is a lower mortality rate than that of Hong Kong, using Western treatment only is likely due to the difference in therapeutic approaches. Modern medical therapy relies primarily on supportive measures to combat the Wuhan coronavirus. Due to the lack of specific antiviral agents, steroids, warming in nature, may be employed as a stopgap option.  Therapeutics based on traditional Chinese medicine may significantly improve clinical outcomes, sometimes dramatically.  This is because Chinese medicine can boost the patient’s own immune response to resist and destroy the pathogens.” 

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 Richard A. Feely, D.O.

Ajay Sharma, D.O.

Deb Cyrel, CNC