Healing Sounds:
Group 2

Healing Sounds:
Group 2

Healing Sounds – Six Chakras

Richard A. Feely, D.O.

There are six charkas of the body that have a front/up and a back/down flow of energy. Charkas are electromagnets centers or energy vortexes in and outside of the body. On the skin surfaces they relate to various acupuncture points in Ren Mo and Dia Mo meridians.

These Healing sounds helps the body in many ways to detoxification and harmonize the other meridians of the body. From the skin surface, there is a funnel shape energy field moving clockwise in the ventral (front) of the body and counterclockwise in the dorsal (back) of the body.

Each sound has its own frequency.

Frequency Back Point Front Point
196 Hz GV20 4 Wisemen
125 Hz GV17 EX HT1
75 Hz GV14 CV22
56 Hz GV9 CV17
36 Hz GV4 CV6
12 Hz GV2 CV4
2 Hz GV1 CV1

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