Healing Sounds:
Group 1

Healing Sounds:
Group 1

Richard A. Feely, D.O.

Each ZangFu organ when it is healthy has its’ own sound, pitch, frequency and harmonics that they vibrate to. When one is ill or more specifically when a person has an organ that is ill, dysfunctional or diseased, that person has a hard time or can’t make that organ sound. The illness causes the organ to change its’ own frequency, so it does not vibrate to its’ own healthy frequency.

This cause of frequency change can be summed up in one word that changes organ physiology; stress. Metabolic stress, cellular stress, neurological stress organ stress and finally physiological stress. These stresses in Chinese medicine affect the persons Qi or energy. The free flow of Qi begins to change and becomes stagnant. Further stress over time causes Qi blockage either in the energy channel or within the organ it penetrates. Over time this Qi blockage turns into Organ deficiency. Organ deficiency turns into organ disease and ultimately organ death. This occurs first by causing system dysfunction which stresses more and different related organ systems, which progress to organ death and finally to the death of the individual human being.

Nature provides healing sounds for all of mankind. These include rain, river, lake, sea sounds, falling leaves, falling snow, birds singing, etc. ZangFu Sound making is a self treatment. If done daily for 3 weeks they will move stagnant Qi within the organ (ZangFu) system that the sound relates to. For instructions see the end of this page.

5 Element ZangFu Sound Relationships

Start with the sound and organ system needing help or one can start with Lung and do all Six Sounds.

  1. 1. One may stand or sit. Standing is preferred.
  2. 2. Touch thumb to tip of middle finger of the same hand.
  3. 3. Then touch back of middle fingers together while maintaining #2 above.
  4. 4. Then while maintaining this handhold position, place both hands together as in #3 up against the abdomen. Place yours hands about 1 inch below the belly button on the lower abdomen. Your little fingers are below touching the lower abdomen and your thumb is superior touching the lower abdomen.
  5. 5. Now take a deep breath and begin your sound. Make the sound out through your mouth (except Kidney which is partly nasal) slow, steady/not wavering in volume and tone. Begin the sound cleanly/sharply and end the sound cleanly with the same volume and tone.
  6. 6. Repeat this sound 10 times.
  7. 7. After the tenth time; Rub your hands together going in a clockwise direction.
  8. 8. When you feel heat in your hands place the palm of each hand up against its respective eye.
  9. 9. Slide your hands down over your face until the middle finger tip touches the chin.
  10. 10. Then shout out the sound loudly once.
  11. 11. Then drop your hands, keeping your elbows partially bent, make a fist with the right hand and cover that fisted hand with the left palm and fingers placing them in front of you by your diaphragm.
  12. 12. Repeat all of these procedures doing the next sound.

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