Physical Exercises:
Group Four

Physical Exercises:
Group Four

Richard A. Feely, D.O.

Dr. Feely’s Home Sinus Treatment

This is a self-treatment for chronic and acute sinusitus. It is designed to allow the frontal, maxillae, and sphenoid sinuses to drain. For chronic sinusitis, you must do this for THIRTY (30) DAYS in a row.

  1. Sit next to a table with your elbows resting on the table 15″ apart
  2. Have a clock placed in front of you so that you can see it.
  3.  Lean on your elbows and place your index finger on your left and right side of the nose respectively.
  4. Slide your fingers superiorily and laterally until it is up against your eye brow/nose area. Keep your chin in.
  5. Let the weight of your head fall upon your fingers/nose contacts.
  6.  Now, tilt your head slightly backwards, sticking your ching out.
  7. Hold this position for seven (7) minutes after which lift your head off slowly.

Office Routine

General Directions: Be careful not to hold your breath during the exercises. Take each position slowly; do not bounce. You should feel tightness, never pain. If you experience pain, stop and check with your doctor. Hold the position for 15-30 seconds; repeat each exercise 2-3 times. Do the entire routine 2-3 times a day. Try not to work in one position form more than an hour at a time without taking a short physical break.

1. Hold your arms straight down at your sides, and then raise them slowly forward and upward over your head. Stretch fully and hold that position.

2.Clasp your hands behind your neck, pull your elbows together and hold the position. Bring your elbows back out to thte side and hold that position.

3. Move your shoulders slowly in a circular motion pulling them up, back, down and forward. ‘Then reverse the motion.

4. Bend your head to the left bringing, your left ear as close as possible to your right shoulder. Hold the position. Repeat on the right side.

5. Hold on to the right side of your chair, and bend your body toward the left side, keeping your body straight. Hold the position. Repeat with the opposite side.

6. Grasp the right side of your chair with your left hand, reach your right arm over your left hip. Hold the position. Repeat on the other side.

7. With your feet flat on the floor, lean your body forward as far as you can go, put your head between your knees, grasp the supports of your chair, and pull gently. Hold the position.

Correct Working Position Sit straight. Do not rest your arms on armrests when using a computer if that position raises your shoulders. Do not sit with your head, neck, or shoulders forward (dotted lines).

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