Vital Flora


Quantity: 60 Capsules
Storage: Keep Refrigerated


The modern Western diet supplies billions fewer healthful bacteria daily than needed to maintain healthy immune system and gastrointestinal functions. Healthful probiotic bacteria must survive the passage through the highly acidic stomach and then withstand the bile salts and proteolytic acids found in high concentrations in the duodenum before they arrive in the more distal small intestine and colon. A high potency probiotic preparation helps ensure that adequate numbers of microorganisms survive to reach the distal small bowel and colon to exert their beneficial effects. The importance of consuming higher potency preparations is underscored by numerous studies that have documented a probiotic dose-dependent response for conditions such as acute diarrhea. The safety of consuming hundreds of billions of probiotics daily has been demonstrated by many studies, some of which involved immunosupppressed patients.


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